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Ski Timothy


Mount Timothy Policies

Your Cooperation Is Appreciated

At Mount Timothy Ski Hill, we’re dedicated to creating a safe and delightful environment for all our visitors. Our policies are thoughtfully established to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your time with us. We kindly ask you to review and follow these guidelines closely. Your cooperation plays a crucial role in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Restaurant Lodge Policies

The restaurant lodge is dedicated to serving menu food items only. To maintain quality and hygiene standards, outside food is not permitted in the lodge.

Snowmobiling & other Powersports

Snowmobilers are welcome but must refrain from using the alpine skiing areas to access lodges. Designated parking areas and marshaled paths will be provided for snowmobilers and other Powersport machines.

Drone Use

The use of low-flying small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), including drones and lily cameras, is strictly prohibited at or over any portion of the Mt. Timothy Ski Area, except for authorized law enforcement or search and rescue operations.

Other Policies

See our website policies for more information about our policies on Chalet Booking & Cancellation, Refunds or Online Privacy.

Carrying Children

For safety reasons, guests are not permitted to ski or ride while carrying infants in any type of backpack or baby carrier. Children riding chair lifts must wear skis or a snowboard, demonstrate the ability to ride the lift safely and be familiar with proper loading, riding, and unloading practices.

In-Season Uphill Use

Uphill use within the ski area boundaries is not permitted. This policy addresses safety concerns related to uphill recreational traffic during maintenance and normal operating hours. Guests are advised to be aware of machinery at work on the mountain at any time. Mt. Timothy Ski Area accepts no liability for accidents resulting from uphill travel.

Have Questions About Our Policies?

If you have any inquiries or need clarification regarding our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to assist you and ensure your experience at Mount Timothy Ski Hill is both enjoyable and safe.