Equipment Rentals

Need Equipment?

Visit our well-stocked Pro-Shop for rental skis, boots, and gear. Check out our  retail selection of toques, gloves, shades, goggles

Rental Gear13 plus6 to 125 & under
Full Gear$40$30$20
Full Gear 1/2 day$30$22$15
Skis or Board only$20$15$12
Skis or Board only 1/2 day$15$10$10
Boots only$15$13$10
Boots only 1/2 day$13$10$7
Poles only$10$8$6
Poles only 1/2 Day$8$6$5
Helmet 1/2 day$7$7$7

*Full Ski gear: Skis, Boots, Poles.
*Full Snowboard Gear: Boots & Snowboard.

Half day starts at 11:45.